Asterisk and Star Emoji

The asterisk symbol is a symbol that has been in the ASCII code list since the time of coding development. You can also type directly from your keyboard .
Putting an Asterisk with the ALT Key
First, let’s show you how to put an asterisk with ALT key combination. You will also be able to add other star symbols / signs with its sub combination by using the table below. You can add the asterisk with the Alt key combination from the keyboard, or you can copy the asterisk below and use it wherever you want. For example: It is possible to copy and add to Word program.

Adding an asterisk from the keyboard: When you open the Word program and press ALT + 9733 on the keyboard, you can print the ★ symbol on the screen. The codes for other symbols are as follows.

Symbol ALT Code
★ 9733
☆ 9734
≛ 8795
⋆ 8902
⍟ 9055
⍣ 9059
✡ 10017
✦ 10022
✧ 10023
✪ 10026
✫ 10027
✬ 10028
✯ 10031
✰ 10032
✴ 10036
✵ 10037
✶ 10038
✷ 10039
✸ 10040

Getting the Asterisk with Copy Paste

On Android devices such as Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Xiaomi and IOS devices such as iPhone, you can copy the ★ asterisk and use it wherever you want. If you want, it is possible to assign as a shortcut key according to your phone model.

Copy Emojis

⭐ Star Emoji Copy
Want to add a plain star, a shining star, or an asterisk or emoji in a circle . Select and copy the emojis below and use it wherever you want.

⭐ 🌟 ☄ ✴ ⋆
✳ ✪ 🌠 ❂ ✵
Or do you want to have more star options, you can copy and use the stars below.

⋆ ☆ ✣✫ ✤ ✥ ⭐ 🌠 ٭ ⭑✨
✩✳ ❄⍟ ✵ ✶✸ ✷ ✡ 🌃
✹ ✼ ✯ ✮ ❅✴⛧ ⛥ ⛤ ❋ 🔯꙳
★ ✱ ✲ ✺ ✻ ❂ ✰ ✪ 🌟
✬ ✭ ❆ ⚝ * ⍣ ⁕ ۞ ⭒✦ ✧
🟑 🟌 ⁑ ᕯ ⁂ ࿏ ꙰≛

In this article, you learned how to remove the asterisk with the ALT key and copy and use the star emoji.

I tried, with a little internet research and a consultation of books specializing in symbolism, to pierce the symbolism of the eight-branched cross. I give you the result, knowing that I am not an expert in symbolism, far from it …

Before giving you answers, I would like to point out that these can only be hypothetical and provisional. Indeed, symbols, and in particular the more geometric ones, like the eight-pointed cross, have been used throughout history and civilizations with entirely different meanings.

This is why I propose a plan in three parts: the geometric significance, the eight-pointed star in religious traditions, in art, then in Christianity.


1. Geometric significance.

The eight-pointed star is made up of two intertwined four-pointed stars. This geometric pattern, very easy to achieve, has an obvious decorative role.

Because of this construction, the symbolism of the eight-pointed star must also be understood from that of the four-pointed star, which it redoubles. The four-pointed star can represent the four elements (water, fire, earth, air); the eight-pointed star then signifies in addition the four mixtures which can be done between these prime elements. The four-pointed star represents the four cardinal points, and the eight-pointed star the intermediate directions: northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast. 

To draw a star with four or eight branches, we start with squares to which we add points or triangles. The eight-pointed star therefore symbolizes both the origin (the square) and what comes out or emanates from this origin or source (the points). This is why it could be interpreted as a symbol of God who is the source of all things, or more generally as a “symbol of the source” (of life, etc.)

2. The eight-pointed star in religious traditions: an astral symbol.

The symbol of the goddess Ishtar, goddess of love, procreation and war, who rules life and death. Ishtar represents the planet Venus, the Star of the Shepherd. For some, the number 8 associated with Ishtar would evoke the fact that the planet Venus has an eight-year cycle in astronomy. 

In civilizations around the world, such as the Indians of Canada, the eight-pointed star represents the sun shining in all directions. Note that many former republics of the Soviet Union, now independent, use in their flags an eight-pointed star symbolizing the sun (for example the flag of the Republic of Udmurtia). Nationalists and Nazis, steeped in paganism and solar myth, also highlight this aspect of the symbol (so-called Celtic cross, etc.)

Finally, note the presence of the eight-pointed star on the 17 th arcana of the tarot, star, symbol of help (knowledge, redemption) from heaven. 

3. In religious art. The architectural significance.

-the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In Islam, it is said that eight angels support the throne of God. Several mosques have a plan based on the number 8, including the Al-Aqsa Mosque or the Rock, which is located in Jerusalem on the supposed site of Solomon’s temple.

-Churches built on an octagonal plan.

For example, the Church of St-Blaise Hospital, in the Basque country, has a dome made of eight parts, as does the Church of Ste-Croix in Oloron Ste-Marie. It is sometimes said that these buildings are under Islamic architectural influence.

The Templars also built octagonal churches. According to some sources, they may have been inspired by the Dome of the Rock mosque, whose plan they believed to conform to that of Solomon’s temple.

-the ideal city of Filarète.

From the Renaissance onwards, the shape of the eight-pointed cross was given to plans for an ideal city, notably by the architect Filarète.

-the forts of Vauban.

It should also be noted that for Vauban the eight-pointed star was one of the most successful forms of fortification, that which made it possible to offer the least possible catch to enemy projectiles.

The eight-pointed star in Christian symbolism.

The Star of Bethlehem, which guided the Three Wise Men, is generally represented as an eight-pointed star in sacred art. As a result, it becomes the symbol of the nativity of Christ and of the redemption he brings to men.

It should be noted that on the first tarots, the arcane 17 does not show the star in the company of a young girl but astrologers, and sometimes the three magi.

Sometimes the eight-pointed star also represents the glorious and risen Christ.

The eight-pointed star is also related to the Christian symbolism of the number 8: thus, for the Fathers, after the seven days of creation, there was an eighth day which symbolized the judgment and the return of Christ at the end of the time. In this frame the 8 symbolizes the future destiny of humanity.  It should also be noted, in this vein, that the baptismal font often has an octagonal shape, symbolizing the birth of the “new Adam

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