Heart Symbol

The heart is the symbol of love. In addition to love, it represents strength, truth, justice, spiritual guidance, wisdom, intuition, the divine, birth, and regeneration. Some people dream about the heart with their different colors.
However, in this blog, we will inform you about the meaning and interpretations of different heart symbols. Moreover, the heart symbol existence can be traced back to many centuries ago where it has been interpreting differently but more or less it has the same meaning in different cultures and civilizations across the world.

This article has set in different domains but we tried to compose it from every aspect first and foremost it delivered the meaning of different heart symbols as per the demand of the masses. Secondly, we moved our concern towards the writing of the heart symbols in mass audience platforms in respect of different ways and colors.
Furthermore, we additionally add the meaning of heart emoji in respect of different colors. Afterward, the article briefly explains the origin of the heart symbol by indulging in the historical perspective of different eras and locations.

Broken Heart Symbol

The messed up heart image implies that something turned out badly: a fantasy broke or love was not responded. In English, it is alluded to as “Broken Heart”, “Breaking Heart Emoji”, “Heart Broken Emoji”.

Heart symbol copy paste

Heart EmojiHeart Symbol TypeUnicode Hex
White Heart Suit♡
Black Heart Suit♥
🖤Black Heart🖤
💙Blue Heart💙
💚Green Heart💚
💛Yellow Heart💛
💜Purple Heart💜
🧡Orange Heart🧡
Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament❣
Heavy Black Heart❤
Rotated Heavy Black Heart Bullet❥
🎔Heart With Tip On The Left🎔
💓Beating Heart💓
💔Broken Heart💔
💖Sparkling Heart💖
💗Growing Heart💗
💕Two Hearts💕
💞Revolving Hearts💞
💘Heart With Arrow💘

Big red Heart Symbol

It is deciphered as an image of incredible love and sentimental emotions. Smilies with hearts of various hues can be utilized to enhance an affection or cordial message, a moniker on a gathering or on an interpersonal organization, to weaken exhausting content with them. Messages with a heart image are constantly connected with warmth and care.. 

Black Heart Emoji Symbol(♥ )

❥ 🖤 ♥ ❤ ♡

Heavy black heart
🧡Orange heart
💛Yellow heart
💚Green heart
💙Blue heart
💜Purple heart
🤎Brown heart
🖤Black heart
🤍White heart
💔Broken heart
Heavy heart exclamation mark ornament
💕Two hearts
💞Revolving hearts
💓Beating heart
💗Growing heart
💖Sparkling heart
💘Heart with arrow
💝Heart with ribbon
💟Heart decoration
👫Man and woman holding hands
💑Couple with heart
💋Kiss mark
Black heart suit
😍Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes
😘Face throwing a kiss
😻Smiling cat face with heart-shaped eyes
🏩Love hotel
💌Love letter

Winged heart sign

The winged (heart with wings) is the image of the Sufi Islamic development that accepts that the heart is among soul, matter and things in between them among body and soul.

White Heart Emoji Symbol

White Heart symbol is a way to show your love towards someone or something. It shows peace and true love.

Heart pierced with an arrow symbol

It is entirely expected to go over the figure of a heart pierced by a bolt. This image speaks to the lance tossed by Eros, which makes individuals influenced by the lance in the heart, which is the focal point of human feeling, become hopelessly enamored.

Heart with anchor symbol

The combination of these two symbols reflects complicity and companionship in love relationships. This results from the fact that the anchor represents stability, and the heart, love.

Sacred Heart of Jesus symbol

In Christian workmanship, the heart seems blazing in the bosom of Christ encompassed by a crown of thistles. It represents the dad’s “Hallowed Heart” and, thus, genuine love for his human kids.

Sacred Heart of Mary symbol

Like the core of Jesus, the core of Mary is likewise spoken to in a crown of thistles. The Sacred Heart of Mary speaks to the mother’s adoration and the mother’s torment for the yearning for her kids to be upbeat. He is spoken to by the chest, reviewing that Mary expected the maternity of all men with the passing of her child Jesus.

Aztec Heart emoji symbol

For the Aztecs, the heart was viewed as the focal point of the indispensable power, since it was related with religion, and they called it teyolia. Human hearts, frequently as yet thumping, were offered in their penances to the sun god. This custom represented the restoration of the harvests just as the recovery of the dirt.

How to type a heart symbol on the keyboard

In fact, the available printable characters are much larger than the keyboard can accommodate: hieroglyphs, notes, masculine and feminine signs, currency signs, card suits and many other symbols. These ♥ can be put on the keyboard by using the simplest key combination alt + 3 (no need to press “+”).
By pressing various numbers in combination with the “alt” key (only the numbers on the right side of the keyboard when “Num Lock” is on ), you can put a variety of characters

How to make a heart sign emoji in word?

You have most likely observed hearts in the content more than once – they are regularly in the statuses of interpersonal organization members, in postcards and even in the login itself, close to other stunning images. It is very sensible that you quickly needed to realize how to put hearts on the keyboard, on the grounds that, regardless of how long you look, you can’t discover such an image on the keys. By and by, it is exceptionally simple to draw hearts on cohorts, Facebook and other informal communities, and you can do it in various manners, which will be examined.
The symbol you have picked (for our situation it is a heart) will show up in the aspect of the content where the cursor is. Obviously, the mix portrayed prior is significantly more advantageous, however in the event that you don’t recall which digit relates to the ideal image, this strategy will assist you with discovering it physically.

How to type a heart emoji using the Windows character table

To do this, you need to follow this path: “START” – “All programs” – “Standard” – “Service” – “Symbol table”.  find a heart character, check the “Advanced options” box and group characters by Unicode ranges. The heart will be in the symbols and icons section.
For example, how to add emoticons, hearts, smiles, etc. to the written text , which is quite common in postcards, posts and statuses of members of various social networks, as well as in the login itself.

Heart emoji symbol on keyboard

To make a heart, it is necessary on the keyboard to use the following combination of keys “alt” and “3”  while the “NumLock” key

Windows character table

To do this, you need to go through the following path: “Start” – “All programs” – “Standard” – “Utilities” – “Symbol table” and get acquainted with the presented table. 

To do this, you need to check the box , thereby marking the line “Additional parameters”, and then group all characters according to certain ranges of Unicode.

You need to click on it and apply the “Select” function, apply the standard “Paste” function using the shortcut “Ctrl + V” or the right mouse button, and the heart will appear in the text, in the place where the cursor is.

the set of characters on the keyboard has hardly changed, and many unusual characters today can be displayed on a computer only with the help of special applications and auxiliary procedures. And you, gaining experience, in a simple and convenient way, except for one desire to find hearts, can additionally replenish your collection with new intricate and original icons, changing their fonts and colors.

Well, for the lazy beings! You can make hearts on the keyboard by only copying and encoding by pressing the keys in this combination: “Ctrl + V” and “Clrl + C”.

Heart emoji on laptop keyboard

They function is exactly the same way as the small number block on a computer. It turns on by simultaneously pressing two keys: “Fn” and “NumLock”.
It is necessary to press, for example, the “Alt” and “D” keys (more precisely, the button with the number three on it).

  • by simultaneously pressing the “Alt” + “3” keys, using the number from the small keyboard on the right, checking that it is active, or if there is no small keyboard on the laptop, press the letter “D” instead of the three;
  • copy the heart or its code on the Internet and paste it into the text;

To draw a heart in Word 2010 

Open Microsoft Word 2010.Follow the instructions below

  1. Place the cursor where you want to draw the heart.
  2. Click on the “Insert” tab on the Word 2010 toolbar and then on the “Shapes” button:
  3. In the list of shapes, in the “Basic Shapes” section, find the heart symbol and click on it:
  4. A “cross” appears in the working area of ​​the document. Click on the left mouse button and, while holding it, drag over the working area of ​​the Word 2010 document.
  5. Now we will bring our drawing to its proper form, changing the color to red. To do this, double-click on the picture.

Meaning of the colors of heart emoji’s

Popular on social networks, more and more people want to know their meanings.

Black heart

Possibly symbolizes mourning, that is, the death of someone we love very much.

Yellow heart

This represents pure love, the sincerest and true.

Green heart

Although green is better known as the symbol of hope, the green heart means envy, that is, that love is envied.

Blue heart

The blue heart emoji signals sadness, which means a sad and bitter heart.

Purple heart

The purple heart, in turn, symbolizes forbidden love.

Rose heart

The little pink heart indicates a growing love that grows every day.

From where did the heart emoji symbol come from?

Throughout history, the symbol, or something similar, has had several formats and had different meanings, immortality, courage, vitality, and love.

The heart symbol is associated with the deepest human emotions. Originating from the cave paintings.

Since Aristotle, who referred to the heart as the center of the emotional activities of the human body. In turn, the Egyptians believed that spirit and intellect resided in the heart and for that reason, it was the only organ, not removed from corpses in the processes of mummification.

The Origin of the Heart Symbol

The heart, a powerful symbol in history

Heart. An image with an enduring presence, assigning the passionate, good, intelligent, or otherworldly center of the individual. It was put stock in the most solid manner that the spirit stays here, presently the importance is more allegorical. Numerous strict writings give it an uncommon otherworldly significance, a heavenly quality. In customary European legends, the image is adapted, red incorporating energy and extreme feeling. The wellspring of the image is unsure, a conceivable clarification being the likeness to the ivy leaf, the seed of the silphium plant, utilized in antiquated occasions as a preventative, or certain highlights of the female private parts, or the state of the swan’s neck in the mating move.

The leaves outlined by potters on ceramics have developed into the red heart of playing a game of cards. The plant image found in Greco-Roman workmanship recommended physical and non-physical love and turned into the one we know today affected by archaic court writing. Heart-formed leaves and blossoms show up on the Cretan mud vessels and the dividers of the Minoan royal residences, adornments taken from the Achaeans. By and large, even grapes are spoken to along these lines. The improvement is a point of reference of the transformation into the imagery of the plant, related to Jesus.

On the stars and headstones, the leaf (particularly the ivy leaf) becomes related with everlasting adoration. Artists in religious communities join heart-formed leaves to the trees of life. As of now in the twelfth thirteenth hundreds of years, the heart seemed hued in red and sensual scenes. The image is secularized, being very regular in heraldry or as a watermark. The red heart is remembered for the round of cards with the normalization of the late fifteenth century. In the Renaissance and the Baroque period, the red heart on the emblem came to mean steadfastness and interminable boldness.

The primary clinical portrayals of the heart portrayed it looking like a pyramid or cone, impacted by the depictions of the Hippocratic school of Galen’s. It was not until the thirteenth and sixteenth hundreds of years that the ivy leaf got boundless. Archaic anatomists zeroed in on the representations of religious craftsmen, who depicted it as a turned leaf, with the tip to one side and the ribs representing the blood vessel tree. Maybe the Norman artisans who made the burial chamber of Heinrich VI of Hohenstaufen thought of the heart, following the Roman model, when they made the strange image with four scores (ventricles?) And the peduncle (the finish of veins?). Contrasted with da Vinci’s initial drawings, the picture gets intriguing. Similarly intriguing is the ring with the heart held by the awesome hand, a decoration that represents interminable love.

The heart, the seat of the insight, and emotions

The heart has on a fundamental level the imagery of the middle. A middle first of mind and instinct, and afterward of expressions of warmth and emotions. In any case, conventional developments don’t reject the chance of target information through affectivity. By guaranteeing the flow of the blood, the heart is similarly the seat of the mind and the expressions of warmth. In India the heart speaks to the home of Brahma, in Islam the seat of God, in Christianity the realm of God, every one of these implications being outlined in the impression of otherworldly impacts on a person. Angelus Silesius says, for instance, that the heart can contain God completely, and Clement of Alexandria that God is the innermost being. The home of the soul is additionally considered by old China.

Greek understandings and interpretations of heart emoji symbol:

For the Greeks, it implied recovery. In the Middle Ages, the image started to show up in strict pictures, Christ’s adoration for humankind.

Different theories recommend the state of the heart as anatomical, ladylike parts, similar to the mount of Venus, the vulva, the bosoms, the hindquarters, or even the gonads of the man. Religion says that the state of the heart came after the reports of Saint Margaret Maria Alacoque, who had dreams of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The holy person’s dreams, in any case, came after 1600, when the configuration had been archived.

The Chinese attribution towards heart emoji symbols

The Chinese ascribed to it as a comparing component the earth, yet in addition the fire, in its take emerging instinct, high discernment, through the eye of the heart. The heart has the capacity of administering, controlling the breath, which is firmly identified with the heart cadence. In Taoism the breath is light. The soul is concentrated between the eyebrows, wherein the yogic vision there is the Ajna-chakra, so yoga there moves the capacity of the heart.

A central job is played by the heart in the Egyptian religion, where it is spoken to as a vessel. The transformed triangle, a figuration of the cup (concerning the Holy Grail), likewise represents the heart, the cup that contains the beverage of everlasting status. The heart is key to life, to insight, to will. The god Ptah before the world appeared through the word thought it with his heart. The heart is the one set on one of the scales after death, the main organ left in the mummy in its place (emblematically, similar to an insect). The creepy crawly of the heart, a fundamental talisman, is engraved with the recipe that keeps the heart from affirming against the perished. The heart urges positive activity, the one through which the perfect presence is seen.

The Greek attribution towards heart emoji image

In the Greek world, the heart has no specific significance, the main persuading legend as far as its picture of the imperative guideline is that where Zeus expends the as yet pulsating heart of Zagreus, the child ate up by the Titans, bringing forth Dionysus. In the Celtic world, it is important a semantic comparability: the middle in Gallic is attacked, the heart in French is Coeur. The Indo-European root krd is the one from which the words for the heart will be created in Latin, Greek, German, Slavic, and so forth.

The scriptural attribution towards heart emoji image

The scriptural custom connects the heart with the internal man, his enthusiastic life yet in addition his knowledge. Here is the standard of fiendishness, which consistently chances depravity. It is the principal organ to be conceived and the first to kick the bucket. With everything that is in me it intends to the final gasp. In the Bible, the utilization of the word is more allegorical, communicating particularly memory and creative mind, yet additionally carefulness. The heart thinks, chooses, makes ventures. In Islam, imagery is reached out to examination and otherworldliness as in through its motions it incorporates all inclusive extension and withdrawal, and subsequently the capability of a man.

The significance of heart emoji image in different Locations and Eras

In Greek-Roman folklore the heart shows up as an image of birth, of the standard of life. This is on the grounds that Zeus swallows the heart, actually pulsating by Zagreu, bringing forth his child Dionísio.

In Ancient Egypt, the Hall of Judgment was where the hearts of the dead were gauged. This organ was the seat of astuteness and insight and was related with the goddess of truth and equity, Ma’at.

In India, the heart guarantees the course of blood and is consequently the indispensable focal point of the person, the image of Brama’s home, Bramapura. In Islam, it is viewed as the Throne of God.

It is fascinating to take note of that for the Caribbean of Venezuela and Guyana a solitary word assigns the spirit and the heart. Similarly, for the Wuitotos of Colombia, a similar word is utilized to assign heart, chest, memory, and thought.

In the interim, for the Tucanos of the Amazon, heart, soul, and heartbeat have a similar significance. Taking everything into account, we can see that the image has existed for a long time, notwithstanding, its importance fluctuates from culture to